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  Hungarian Vizsla Puppies born 26th May 2024
All pups have found a fantastic new family and home.

KC registered & based next to the stunning Malvern Hills.  
We are committed to breeding healthy, socialized, happy Hungarian Vizsla puppies. We hope we can help you find your perfect four legged friend! 


Hungarian Vizsla Puppies 5 days old Malvern.jpg
Hungarian Vizsla Puppy 23 days old-5888.jpg

  Kentwone Alchemilla of Aegaeon
Obi ( 帯) Born 2021

Friendly, loyal, energetic, versatile and much-loved Obi has been raised in our home and lives on our laps.

She is a true Vizsla Velcro dog.

We love spending all our time with our 4 dogs to try and triumph at a range of activities.

We are ethical breeders and this will be Obi's first litter at the age of 3. We prioritise the health and welfare of all of our dogs. We constantly challenge ourselves to learn and improve in a wide number of dog related areas - including; training, diet, health, conditioning, conformation and breed standards, dog sports, behaviour and socialisation practices.

Obi is super fast and fit, elegant with working intelligence and well trained with excellent recall. 

Hungarian Vizsla Puppies expected in May 2024
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla  Puppies England-UK
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Vizsla Breeders and Puppies

Health and Temperament First


Health and temperament are paramount in every breeding decision we make.  All our Hungarian Vizsla puppies will be cuddled, raised in our house, fed on the best diet and above all, very much doted on by us and our children. 

Health, and good temperament and mentally well balanced happy dogs are our utmost  priority.

Hungarian Vizsla on the Malvern hills

We place our Hungarian Vizsla puppies that are the best fit for each individual homes. Our priority is for Obi's puppies to find wonderful homes with plenty of happy company, great walks and sometimes a small piece of cheese to end the day in utmost bliss.

We stand by each and every puppy and are available throughout their lives if you need any support or advice.

All our dogs undergo health testing including  hip and elbow scoring and eye testing. We also undertake thorough pedigree research and preservation breeding strategies valuing healthy, happy and long living lines when considering mating. 

We want our Hungarian Vizslas to be your best four legged friend.

Vizsla playing in a small pond
Hungarian Vizsla Puppies England.
Hungarian Vizsla on a log in a forest
_DSC5411 copy 3.jpg
_DSC5422 copy 4.jpg
Hungarian Vizsla Pup funny-5521 copy.jpg
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