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Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern


We always feed our pups a wide variety of food.

We cook a wide combination of the following:  Porridge with Lamlak, scrambled egg, turkey and chicken mince, white fish, a wide range and combinations of vegetables, rice and pasta  every day. (They love batons of cold carrot and a little chunk of banana plus Blueberries) They will need lots of water too.

For dry food we buy James Wellbeloved Turkey and rice Puppy food.


We also buy raw  and dry food for our adult dogs.

This link will give you a 30% discount on your first order


 This link takes you to one of our raw food suppliers.

We serve food 4 times a day and will do so until about 14-18 weeks where we aim for 3 servings, we also have a few snacks especially chilled carrots batons. We give the pups about half a bowl of food per portion. All servings are approx. 125-150 grams. This amount is increasing. We never serve the same thing more than once a day apart from their dry food ( 1 or sometimes 2 times a day  “James Wellbeloved” , Turkey and rice)  Their vitamin supplements mainly come from their Lambs milk (goats’ milk is just as good) which we add to their porridge. We sometimes add this to the dry food too instead of water. We always mix their dry food with lamb's milk or water, but are adding less every day as they get used to solids. We do use multi vitamins that we grind up and add to their milk.

We have not moved to raw food yet; we will slowly introduce that once a day in a few weeks’ time. We eventually aim to have 1 raw session, 1 home cooked session and 1 dry food session per day plus snacks and treats.


In regards to treats we buy pigs ears and rabbit ears from:  

They have a great deli section. They have small treats for pups like sprats.

These are ideal for helping with training. Please remember to avoid oily fish like Mackerel & Salmon.

You will need to worm your pup at 9 week & 11 weeks old. Once it is 3 months there are different worming tablets that can last up to 3 months. When the pup is 6 months old you can find some worming tablets that last for 6 months.

From when you bring your puppy home at eight weeks until they are four months old, it's best to feed them four meals a day. 

At four months, reduce this to three meals a day and when they turn six months, reduce to two meals. Continue a morning and evening meal for your pup's life.

We like to mix up the food for the pups. This is a guide to an average day feeding, (until they are 4 months old) about 125 grams per serving. If the pup is still hungry then give it more food.

7 am  

 White rice and scrambled egg with veg  (carrot, peanut butter, Broccoli, banana, Colliflower or anything suitable but not peas or anything from the onion family)  You can also use  or something suitable from a different company.

11 am 

 Raw food we use Pro Dog  We have only started them with this in the last week.  Cooked food is also suitable.


Kibble, James Wellbeloved is our recommendation, or raw & cooked


white rice with chicken or fish and veg.


Dog harness. Size: About 16 inches. They are growing so fast!


We have all our dogs insured on their maxinum policy of up to £15,000 a year. They seem to be the best. Our experience with them has been exceptional. 






  1. Book a vet’s appointment within 7 days just for peace of mind and to make sure he or she is 100% tip top. Please make sure you get the correct local vaccinations for your pup.

  2. Wait 2 weeks after their second L2 jab before venturing into the big wild world.

  3. Please remember that at 12 weeks old they should only go on very short walks, 15- 20 minutes maximum a day. This gets longer as the pup gets bigger and fully develops.                      

  4. Renew your insurance once the KC insurance runs out after 5 weeks.

  5. Remember worming at 10 weeks and 12 weeks. After that you can move onto worming tablets that lasts 3 months.

  6. Start training right away, Vizsla pups like (love)  food so encouragement and reward is the way forward. Distraction with a toy or treat is also a great trick.

  7. Puppies will eat anything and everything if you let them! You have to be extra safe for the first few months.

  8. We find yelping, like a pup, is helpful when they attach themselves to one of your toes. We use that noise as a basic training tool to let them know they are hurting us.

  9. Make sure you have basic provisions for your Pups. We use puppy pads from Pets for Homes. They are being trained to do their thing on these.

  10. Please make provision for their cozy spot where they can relax. They will need time to adjust as they will miss all their        Brothers  and Sisters.

  11. Remember to buy a ID tag with the owners info for your pup. All dogs must have one when outside.

 12.  Please read our contract and terms of sale. 

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
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