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Obi's Litter arrived 26th May 2024

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern

  Kentwone Alchemilla of Aegaeon

Obi ( 帯) Born 2021

We have opened up our reservation list for Obi’s first litter of puppies which will be ready for homing mid July and what a fabulous litter it is.

Mother to her first litter is our three year old Kentwone Alchemilla of Aegaeonwho is known at home
as Obi.
Obi has excellent health test results tests which adhere to the Kennel Club
 recommended health
screenings for Hungarian Vizslas.

 Hip Score : 5/5 = 10 - March 2024
Elbow Score : 0/0 = 0 - March 2024
Gonioscopy - PLA : Grade: 0 - March 2024

 Eye Examination : Clinically Unaffected - March 2024

The Sire

Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW


Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern

After a prolonged search, the sire we have chosen compliments Obi perfectly. She has now been successfully mated with Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW. Or Logan as he’s called by his owners.

Logan has gained his Junior Warrant at just one year old.


Inbreeding coefficient for WALLAROO HAWK EYE (JW) and KENTWONE
ALCHEMILLA OF AEGAEON is just 2.7%. The Hungarian Vizsla breed average is 3.4%

Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW’s recent achievements include:

 2 RCCs (Reserve Challenge Certificates)
2nd place in a large Limit class at Crufts 2022

Limit dog at Scottish KC 2021
Open dog and RCC at LKA, the last championship show of 2023
5th in the ‘Good Citizen Scheme’ at Crufts 2024

He has excellent health results:

 Hip Score : 0/0 = 0 - January 2021 - EBV & lt; 0
Elbow Score - ANKC Scheme : 0 - March 2021
Eye Examination : Unaffected - November 2022
Gonioscopy - PLA : Grade: 0 -October 2020

Logan has been used very sparingly at stud and has produced some wonderful all round offspring.
We are looking for are homes where people are offering a good level of companionship and are able
to fulfil o
ur puppies mental and physical exercise needs. The puppies will be suitable for a variety of activities from working homes through to show homes,or just simply somebody’s highly valued family pet.
We would also be interested from to hear from anybody who would like to be considered for my
pick of the litter for work/show/breeding. Sadly, we don’t have space to keep them all!

Hungarian Vizslas

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern
Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern

If you are thinking of adding a Vizsla Ginger Ninja to your family here is some information to consider.

The Hungarian Vizsla is a medium-sized pointer dog breed with an energetic, affectionate and eager-to-please personality. They are considered the aristocrat of the gundogs. It is an ideal worker, combining all three gun dog disciplines: hunting, retrieving and pointing. Vizslas form a strong bond with their owners, and are friendly toward people and other dogs.

Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla or Smooth-Haired Vizsla are sporting dogs and loyal companions. The Vizsla's medium size is one of the breed's most appealing characteristics. As a hunter of fowl and upland game, the Vizsla has held a prominent position among sporting dogs – that of household companion and family dog.

Hungarian Vizslas need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They do not like to be left alone for too long as they tend to be Velcro dogs.

With Training: We have found all our Vizslas respond best to gentle training methods.

A Vizsla can react very sensitively to any rough treatment. If they are raised and trained with too strong a hand and too many restrictions, they can become uncertain and shy or lose their enthusiasm for work. A well-timed treat and encouragement always helps more in training than threats.

Average Size of the Vizsla

Females: 55 - 60 cm (54-60 cm) and 20.4kg - 27.2kg

Males: 56 - 63.5 cm (56-64 cm) and 21.7kg - 29.8kg

Reservation List

Obi’s first litter due 21-24 May 2024


Our Hungarian Vizsla Puppies


Our puppies are brought up and raised in a clean and extremely loving home with our family and dogs, therefore they leave very well socialised. We want new owners to feel a real part of the whole puppy experience.  From soon after birth you can expect regular updates on social media and our website as the pups grow and develop. As they get bigger, they have access to 2 rooms as well as supervised visits to our front and back gardens. They are KC registered, vet checked, will be micro chipped and wormed from two weeks. Not only do they get a lot of love and cuddles, they are weaned onto quality puppy food whilst in our care.


Each puppy comes with a comprehensive puppy pack which is full of useful information to help any new puppy owner. Each pack includes four weeks free pet insurance, a vaccination card, microchip documentation, KC ownership paperwork, a puppy care sheet, puppy food and a scented blanket of mum and litter mates to help your puppy settle into their forever home. All puppies also come with a puppy contract to ensure their ongoing well-being. Dew claws will be left intact.

Our Hungarian Vizsla puppies are KC registered. Due to careful mating ( The Sire: Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW or Logan for shortwe expect Obi’s pups to have very sweet temperaments, extremely loving and loyal, and  a happy breed that loves being with their family.


Forever Homes


Our puppies are available to the very best forever homes from eight weeks old, so if you think you can give a Vizsla puppy the love and time they require, then we would love to hear from you. All puppies are sold as family pets with a puppy contract and Kennel Club endorsements and will make a great addition to any loving home. Obviously, we truly care about our wonderful puppies and making sure we find the right forever homes is our main piority. Please do take time to tell us about yourself, your family, your home, your work commitments, other pets and your general lifestyle when you get in contact.

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