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Obi's Latest News 

Vizsla Pups in a pile.jpg

The pups always seem to pile up somewhere together !

Obi was over the moon  to be running with the pack again. She had her first proper rest from the little furry balls of delight!

Hungarin Vizslas and Dalmatians pack.jpg

The pups had their first photo shoot yesterday. They were so photogenic! Each pup now has its own special page.

All 11 cute bundles are viewable :)

 Puppies 2024

Hunarian Vizsla Pups  Mr Yellow-5590.jpg
Hunarian Vizsla Pups  Mr Yellow-5504.jpg

Nail clipping day went well, and they are all getting chunky, noisy and moving on all fours (just about)  12.6.24

Please have a look at Obi's Instagram. There are some new amazing short videos of her adorable pups.

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Hungarian Vizsla Pups 3 days old.jpg






















Mr Yellows eyes are starting to open. They are growing into big bundles and make some very entertaining noises.








All the pups are putting on weight and doing fine. 29.5.24

Hungarian Vizsla Puppies two days old.jpg

Obi had a great night, she is eating like a horse and all the pups are doing very well. 28.5.24

Obi-Vizsla-style 2.jpg

Obi has been fantastic and delivered 11 amazing pups! 

4 girls and 7 boys.  All went very well and she being a brilliant mum :)

We are all in need of a little nap and hope to have some more photos very shortly.   New images on the Puppies 2024 page 

Obi in her box.jpg

Obi is a sofa Queen ! She is practicing a bit of pregnancy yoga before the arrival of her pups....


Obi seems very pleased with her whelping box. We think pups are a few days away with luck  22.05.24


Obi has been taking it easy recently, Lazy walks through our local forests and she seems to be in great form.  These two are soul sisters and are inseparable. 


Vizslas-Malvern-UK 4.jpg
Vizslas-Malvern-UK 1.jpg

Divine treats on our walk this morning!  13.5.25

Hungarian Vizsla yawning in a field


Early Saturday morning yawn! Taking it easy before it gets too hot

Vizsla Dog with buttercups


Great walk early this morning, Obi is in tip top form. 

Vizlsa and Dalmatian breeders, England


         Mojo,                      Obi,                  Sonic              &              Fender

Hungarian Vizsla Dog
Hungarian Vizsla Bitch in a field


Moving like the wind, just over 2 weeks to go now 

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern


Obi in the wild garlic

Hungarian Vizsla dog and Puppies in Malvern


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