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Our Vizsla Puppies

The raising and husbandry of our puppies is one of the most important training  stages your puppy will have in his or her life.

Vizsla puppy playing with a stick

This is the time to make sure you have a great emotionally and mentally strong puppy.


We pride ourselves on providing an enriched environment to our puppies, supplying a huge amount of love and affection. Our puppies are raised in our house with human company 24 hrs a day.


Through optimal puppy rearing, puppies  become easier to train, less environmentally reactive, better companions, and also prevented a large portion of “behaviour problems” in adult dogs. 

Here are a few of our daily protocols that we put into practice.


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS are simple exercises to which you expose puppies from days 3-16 to help aid their development, resilience and coping mechanisms)

Habituation to and desensitization of loud noises and new experiences, such as vacume cleaning& bad piano playing

Teaching puppy to engage confidently with humans and enjoy activities with humans.


A slow introduction of a wide variety of toys and objects with different textures & shapes.


Introduction to puzzles for larger pups with rewards.


Active play time every day for lager pups,, including piano pads, balls and toys. We have some great videos on our Instagram channel demonstrating the fun we have.

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